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Backup, Backup & Backup!

If you do nothing else make sure your backing up properly.

000it offer a very cost effective backup management solution that can cost as little as $100 per month. We regularly see data recovery bills of more than $10,000 from clients who get their backup strategy wrong, not to mention the loss of profits & downtime for the medical centre.

  • Store backups OFF SITE
  • VERIFY backups by REGULARLY by doing mock restores.

Get Help from a Pro

Call us on 07 30 400 600 if you are in trouble. Often small problems can be fixed in 5 minutes over the phone. You know the old saying "when your in a hole, stop digging".  

Be Honest

No matter what happened, please be 100% honest with your tech. 

None of us want to waste time & money chasing the wrong solution just because someone bent the truth. We have seen & heard it all. No matter how silly you feel, we have all seen & probably done something just as silly.  There is nothing that you can tell us that will shock us & the sooner we know what happened the sooner it will get fixed.

Stay Current

Keep your software up to date & run the recommended patches & upgrades in the right order AFTER you read the upgrade notes.

Our maintenance program is very cheep compared to a medical centre that is down.

Turn Off, the right way

Wait for Windows to shut it down properly. Turning a computer off at the powerpoint without shutting down properly first can cause permanent hard drive defects.

If your computer "hangs"  try pressing CTRL+ALT+DEL keys at the same time and wait for task manager to launch. The Task Manager window has a tab you can press to enable you to shutdown normally.

The only time you can force a shutdown is if this fails.

Unplug, the right way

Don't unplug peripherals while they are powered on, it can damage your motherboard.

Use a UPS

Always run your computer on a UPS (Uninterrupted Power Supply). This will prevent power surges in cases of low and high voltage occurrences.

Power outages are a major source of database corruption.

Free Space is a must

Keep at least 2 GB of your C: free for Windows to use.

Keep it

Do not throw away installer software & keys, please keep them in ONE safe place.

Play it Safe

Don't install new software without talking to your tech's first. We remember one client who had a "really cool" new program that gave him access to his desktop from home..... unfortunately it also gave everyone else in the world access to his desktop.

Use antivirus programs & make sure you have firewall protection.

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